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An unrefined, potent cannabis oil extracted using ethanol and named after the man who created it and first benefited from it. Where To Buy Cannabis Online, Canadian engineer Rick Simpson claims he cured his own skin cancer with a custom blend of cannabis oil, Discreet Rick simpson oil for sale Online, which has come to be known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), or Phoenix Tears (the name of Rick’s website). Since then, Legal Rick simpson oil For Sale Online, he has touted the medicinal benefits of cannabis and used to give away his eponymous oil for free.

Who is Rick Simpson and why did he create RSO?

In 2003, Canadian Rick Simpson was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a skin cancer. Buy Kush, kush for sale online, Soon after his cancer diagnosis, he read a study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute that showed THC could kill cancer cells in mice. Where To Buy Marijuana Online, Simpson was already a fan of medical cannabis — he’d been using it to treat tinnitus and dizzy spells caused after falling and hitting his head several years earlier — so he decided to try to treat his skin cancer with cannabis oil. Legal Kush For Sale Online. 


According to Simpson’s account, he whipped up a homemade extract, applied it directly to the cancerous moles, and covered them with a bandage. Four days later, he removed the bandages and he claimed the growths were gone.Where To Buy Cannabis Online.


Simpson then began growing and cultivating his own cannabis to perfect a custom oil blend, and, after health and government groups like the Canadian Cancer Society ignored his discovery, he set out to promote the medicinal effects of cannabis to others. Marijuana online Shop, He created a YouTube documentary, “Run From the Cure,” and wrote a book, “The Rick Simpson Story.”


Until 2009, when he was ordered to stop for legal reasons, he gave away his oil — dubbed Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO — for free. Since 2013, Simpson has lived in Europe, and, according to his website, Buy Cannabis Online, he cannot legally enter the U.S. due to the criminal background he received from the Canadian government.